2. Address me as Princess Charni at ALL times. I am not your equal. Always use my Princess title out of respect.

3.Go out of your way to make me happy. My happiness must be earned!

4. Buy my clips and get familiar with my style of domination and my philosophies before you contact me any further. My clips are a form of slave training, to take it a step further, Apply to be my slave.

5. Any emails for small talk should have a tribute attached if you expect a reply from me.

6. Tribute me on a regular basis and spoil me with new things off my wishlist as a form of your appreciation.

7. Do not try to top from the bottom or tell me (the dominant) what I will be doing for you. I am the head of this relationship so your only purpose should be fulfilling my needs. Your wants come last, but please know my owned good boys are specially rewarded for their good behavior and loyalty.

8. Do not nag me or blow up my emails. Remember I have a life, and if you are a needy boy then you need to pay me accordingly (minimum of $500+/wk) if you want my undivided attention.

9. Do not troll other dommes online, if I see you bad mouthing or talking down to ANY women you will be FINED or blocked forever. All women are better than you, never forget slave!

10. Remain loyal and obedient. I know this community is filled with community sluts but if you are serious about being my dedicated slave and want special attention from me, you need to remain LOYAL to me first and foremost. I do not like to share my owned boys! You belong to me.

11. Don’t be selfish. Selfish self centered men are unattractive no matter if they are a sub or a dom. I will not tolerate any signs of selfishness and you will be cut off, and you will have to pay a self-less fine to earn my attention again!

12. LOVE, spoil, worship, and obey me forever!